Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My 100th Post!

This was supposed to be my post announcing the winner of the Going Green Giveaway. 
Then, I realized this would be my 100th post! 
I didn't want it to be spent on just making a giveaway announcement. {Although, Im sure you want to know who the winner is!} So, I'll post the winner in post 101 :)

For this post I thought I would do a review of the last 99 posts on this blog. 
Aren't you super excited!? *grin*

My very first post  explained the whys of this blog. Why did we start it? Why were we doing it? Why did we decide to give Christmas away this past year.

We kicked off the blog with a giveaway!

We listed different ideas and ways to give the Gift of Christmas away.
The gift of food by clicking a simple blog button.
Give a shoebox full of goodies (and the love of Jesus) to a needy child around the world.
How about giving a cup of coffee and encouraging someone else to pay it forward?
What about all your excess stuff?
And giving away the simple things like a smile, good parking spot and saving a trip for the cart pusher {yeah, thats they're official title in my book!} by returning your cart.
Or baking an extra dozen to giveaway and make someones day.
How about saving all year to give something big and meaningful in Christmas 2010!
Give your kids a reality check.

We took a challenge of cooking from the pantry and not spending any money for 2 weeks!
I've been stretched and learned new tasks like baking bread from scratch,  making my own baby food and cooking a whole chicken. {that last one was traumatizing!}
Received visits from Murphy
Made some fun new blog friends.
Shared some lessons from our family like learning about the Trinity and a peanut butter cookie.

One word- Cleansing.

Shared some recipes I love or have recently discovered.
Coconut flour Pancakes. (According to Hollie they're disgusting but when I was cleansing I thought they were wonderful!)

Although that isn't an entire list of  all the posts on this blog, that sums up quite a few of them. If you're bored take a look and read some of the posts you've missed. Hopefully you'll be blessed and encouraged to give of yourself to others!

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