Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hot Water, How I Love Thee

I've been MIA for a few days longer then normal this week. We're almost done with our No Spending 2 Weeks and we've learned some pretty important lessons.

First- when planning on not spending anything for 2 weeks, plan on spending something. As Dave Ramsey says (well something to this affect) Once you get gazelle intense Murphy WILL come knocking.

Second- our wonderful, sweet children are addicted to spending...just like we are. 

Third- we have learned just how much we rely on running water. Hot, running water specifically. 

Last week a terribly cold spell hit Texas, along with most of the rest of the country. The wind chills where we live were hitting BELOW zero. I, honestly, don't think I've ever been that cold in It was sooo cold! The first night that the (actual) temps were around 10 degrees we left our water running (a no brainer, right?) BUT we made one HUGE, AWFUL mistake. We only left our cold water running! 
I know, I know...what on earth were we thinking?! Derek woke that morning and took a nice hot shower and thought nothing of it. I woke to take a nice hot shower and....only cold, ice cold mind you, water would come out. Apparently, he used the remaining water in the hot water heater for his shower and that was it. 
He got home from work and, in the 10 degree weather (I checked the temp), he went under our house (which is on pier and beam) to see if he could help thaw out the frozen pipe. Well, where he *thought* it was frozen. There was one section where the dogs had managed to get under the house one summer and tear off the insulation. No amount of blow drying that darn pipe worked.

Fast forward 3 days and the temps get high enough that we *hope* the pipes will thaw. And thaw they did. Along with bursting in 3 places. Nice. Since this happened toward the end of the day Derek didn't have enough day light to fix the problem. So, not only did I lose hot water I lost ALL water. Ugh. Not fun with 4 kids and a house to maintain!

Derek was able to fix the water yesterday and for only 30 cents!! Thank you, Lord!!! He had all the parts he needed except he was short 1 coupling (I think). 

Never again will I take hot, running water for granted. I didn't realize how much we depend on it until I had to function without it for almost 4 days. We were able to shower at Derek’s parents so that was good. But, I couldn't do laundry because the water was ICE cold. I couldn't really wash dishes because the water was ICE cold. Even boiling water and adding it to the tap water was taking pots and pots of boiling water to even warm it up. It was just so cold. 

Due to our lack of hot water, and eventually water at all, we spent some money this weekend. We had to take showers at Derek's parents’ house and make it to a birthday party an hour and 15 minutes away by 2 o'clock. Through all my stressing of getting everyone and everything ready to take to grandma and grandpas and then getting ready to get to the party on time I totally forgot about planning for lunch! 
My kids need to eat...what??? 
So, with sick feelings in our stomachs we had to spend money grabbing food on the way to the party. Trust me, we felt sick. Like..Completely blowing, wasting money since we had been doing so well! Boo!

We have also come to the realization that our kids are as addicted to spending money as we are. We told them our plan but as soon we got into town almost every time this past week and a half they have started with the "I'm hungry. I'm thirsty" whines. Fortunately, I was prepared and offered them the snacks and drinks I had waiting for times when I knew those whines would start. (Score one mom point for me!) They begged and pleaded that it was just Sonic Happy Hour so it wouldn't be that much money. But, I stood my ground and gave a firm no. Even though I wanted just as much, if not more, a nice, cold Sonic Dr Pepper. 

All in all I think we've done really well. Now 2 days from our goal date of spending no money we've spent probably a total of what we'd normally spend in 1 day. Looking at our bank account and seeing the money that is STILL IN THERE makes us really happy and pleased with the self-control we've exercised. 
While we didn't make our goal of spending no money we did realize that we can do it...if nothing unexpected arises. And, we've learned to expect the unexpected because it WILL happen. If no other time then when you're trying your hardest not to spend money, it will happen. 
We also feel like we've broken our addiction to spending money every time we leave the house. So, we're going to continue with the same mentality going forward.

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  1. Way to go! Two weeks? That's amazing. We once committed to no eating out for a month and while it was hard, we truly learned how do-able it is and how we need to be more careful about wasting money in that way.


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