Friday, January 8, 2010

Rock a BiBaby

I have a sweet friends baby shower this weekend. Celebrating the birth of their first boy! I'm pretty sure she has no clue this blog exists so I'm going to show you the gift I made her!! 

Idea # 40 in this book suggests you use your hands, or talent, to create a gift for someone. The gift you give them will be more meaningful and show them they were worth taking time to make them something special. Not to say that just because you don't make something doesn't mean its not special.Any gift with thought put into it is special. 

Even though Christmas is over there are still plenty of ideas in the book that you can put into practice. Which is exactly what we're doing. Trying to make giving a lifestyle year round, not just at Christmas.

I ran across a tutorial for a guitar bib and knew this would be the perfect gift for this new blessing! Their doing his nursery in guitars; so it was perfect! 

I added 2 burp cloths and 2 onesies to match as well. For the tie onesie I browsed through Etsy and then chose the ones I like best and duplicated a template like that. For the J, well I just drew that as well. I used Wonder Under for the appliques on the onesies. I didn't use it for the bib though. As a tip if you're thinking about making the bib, I don't recommend using terry cloth. Its kinda hard to sew. Maybe I'm just not an experienced seamstress but it's too stretchy or something. 

Here is the final result-

Also, the website I linked to above, where you can find the bib, also has a tutorial for EASY peasant tops. Here is an example of some I've made from that tutorial.



This is the same tutorial I just lengthened it to make it a dress.

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  1. Oh my word those are ADORABLE. Is it okay that I am jealous because I have absolutely no talent when it comes to sewing and I would LOVE to be able to make something THAT cute!!!!


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