Thursday, January 7, 2010

How are we doing?

I've had several people ask how we're doing. So, I thought since we're a week into this adventure I'd give an update.
We have eaten every meal at home. Not paid a dime to eat out. This is a big accomplishment for us. Usually we grab fast food at least once per week. Even if it's just 2 $5 Little Caesars pizzas on the way home from church. My mom did bring us BBQ yesterday though. Not because we were dying for something other then home cooked food but because she just offered to pick something up on her way out here. So, we had BBQ last night. 
It doesn't feel like I've been cooking a ton though. Last Friday night we celebrated Derek's sisters birthday so we had dinner at his parents house. Saturday I already posted on what I made for the entire weekend. Monday is one of the days I've gotten into the habit of grabbing food. We have our small group Bible study that night and its family night at Chick-Fil-A. The kids eat free so I figure I only have to buy 2 adult meals so its a steal. I also feel like its worth it not to be stressing about getting dinner made and everyone fed AND to small group on time. This week had other plans though.
Our small group was canceled for lack of a place to hold it. It was suggested we all meet up for dinner one night this week. Oh no...spending money! I knew we wouldn't be able to participate so I just decided to invite everyone out here for dinner and fellowship. This is not something I would normally do because the house is never clean enough. Or I don't have enough to feed everyone get the idea. But, I figured if we don't ever just bite the bullet and do'll never happen. Most of the families couldn't come, for various reasons, but 2 other families did come. And, we had a great time fellowshipping. (spell check is telling this isn't a word. I think it is!) Honestly, I was kinda worried about our budgeted items (read: food and drinks) for the next 2 weeks. But, then I decided if we run out of food and drinks because we opened our home up to friends then it was a worthy enough cause to run out of stuff :)
Tuesday, my brought dinner and last night we had leftovers. (Yeah, I know. I said we don't have leftover nights. I was wrong) So, with tonight, there is a week of meals and no eating out! *woot-woot!* 
Now I've told you we haven't spent any money on eating out. How about other stuff? Well, I can not lie. Derek spent some money. Not a lot; but some. Heres the story. (I feel like a kid getting ready to explain away a sin, lol) 
Derek's company started allowing them to wear jeans about a month or two ago. Derek had 2 pairs of jeans he wore regularly. One pair being a grayish denim. Friday his regular blue jeans got a hole in the knee. Uh-oh. He could  the next 2 weeks without buying new jeans. But, they would be the grayish colored ones and it would be quite obvious he was wearing the Then we remembered my grandma gave us a $25 gift card to JcPennys for CHristmas. Whew, we'd only have to spend a little bit to cover the rest of the jeans. He wears Levi's that usually cost around $50. But, his style are always on sale at one of the dept stores. So, we figured they would be there too. 
We were wrong. 
And, we are not pay full price people. 
The difference of the card and the price of the jeans was $23. We couldn't spend $23. Thats for sure. A couple dollars, maybe. $23? No. 

Derek called me and we talked about it and then he decided to wait and not get any. Ten minutes later he called back and told me he had found his exact style of jeans, his exact size (which usually is hard to find) marked down on clearance!! Only $24.99!!!! Of all the styles and sizes it happened to be his style and size. Thank you, Lord!! How awesome is that!? So, with the gift card he ended only up having to pay tax which was $2.05. 
We both settled that spending $2.05, even during our No Spending 2 Weeks, was worth it. These are jeans for work....and he does need to be in compliance with dress code. Pretty important if you ask me. :)

Another funny has happened this week. People don't often never ask us to go out to dinner with them. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we have 4 kids, two of which are 2 and under.;) For most people I'm sure that doesn't sound like their idea of an enjoying dinner out. And, that's ok. We know that buy choosing to have a large family there are things, like this, that come with it. And we're good with that. 
Anyways, from Sunday till Wednesday night we had 4, yes FOUR, invitations to go out to eat with friends. All of which we turned down because we set our goal of not spending any money, especially eating out. I explained that to each person and said we'd make plans to have dinner, in 2 weeks. Derek and both thought this was pretty hilarious. 4 times in 4 days, really? LOL Talk about someone sending temptation our way. 

So, all in all I feel we're doing really well 1 week into this adventure. If all we've spent is $2.05, even though we didn't want to spend any, I'll call week 1 a success!

On something totally unrelated. I like comments. My comments section feels a bit lonely. All you friends who are posting comments on my links on Facebook, Post some comments here so these comments sections don't look so bare. K? Ok, thanks :) lol


  1. Sounds like ya'll are doing a good job! Something we definitely need to try doing. :)

  2. Sounds like you were all being tested and passed. Way to go!!! We're on the last stretch of our first week and well...Dan broke down because I was sick and couldn't eat anything and he brought me some fries and a sandwich. But it was with money he got for Christmas...does that make it better? :-) Keep it up! I am praying for you!

  3. I love reading your posts each time! I think it's awesome ya'll are doing so well!


  4. Way to go Lindsay!! Keep it up, you are almost there!!


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