Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Apparently, we have a budding artist on our hands

And apparently she thinks the house is her canvas.
This would be the oven.

and this is the fridge....

and now we have the window seat in the girls room. (good thing we were already planning to repaint it and I still needed to make a padded seat cover for it)

And still not done. She needed to go for the bedroom window too.

And, to finish up her work for the day....her crib.

If she thought we wouldn't know who 'done it', she probably should have thought again....


Not only do we have a budding artist on our hands but we apparently have a mom who needs to go back and read Raising Godly Tomoatoes again and start tomato staking her 2 year old!

*ETA: If, because I'm making light of this here on this blog, you don't think we're taking this seriously don't worry, we are. She did and has continued to get in trouble for her coloring on anything except paper.


  1. The 60 something art teacher we attended for years began her professional resume with a statement much to the effect, "My lifelong love of great art began before my 2nd birthday when the walls in my home were begging for me to transform them into crayon masterpieces. It took my parents a few years to come around to encouraging my budding talents."

    Anyway, we have had our years (and years) of crayon-deco, too. Reach for that handy dandy magic eraser and remember how quickly they grow up..... and then stake that sweet girl to your leg.

    Love the blog!

  2. I love that you added the last little note about there being consequences. Just in case anyone was wondering! LOL


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