Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Me Monday- A muddy mess!

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This week I did not let my kids run free with the water hose on a warm day. I did not go outside to find my 5 year old,
you know the one who is certain she is going to grow up and be a real princess, 
like this.

I did not go grab my camera, snap a picture and then pretend I did not see it.
I did not walk back outside several minutes later and see this.

I did not cringe, walk away and laugh to myself at the thought of my princess girl being covered in mud. Even her teeth! Yuck!
I did not continue to let her play in the mud for a little while longer which resulted in this.

And, this.

Nope, not me!

I also did not wake Audrey up from her nap right before church on Wednesday afternoon. I would not let her sleep that late. I did not remover her diaper (from nap time) take her potty and go about getting the rest of everyone ready. She did not announce to me IN THE CHURCH PARKING LOT "mommy, I have no panties on." To which I responded "what, you have no panties on?!?!" I did not think really hard to see if I could remember putting panties on after taking her potty after her nap. 
I then did not realize I indeed did not put panties on her after taking her potty and before getting in the car! 
Nope, not me! I am far more organized than that!


  1. Love your not me Monday! Those pictures are precious!
    Your blog is too cute! Happy Monday

  2. I love all the mud pictures:) My boys look like that anytime they go outside to play after it has rained! They have a special skill of finding every tiny mud puddle in our yard and then making a major mess in it!

  3. because sometimes letting them just be kids is...priceless!

  4. Ha ha!! I have a picture of little Hannah doing the same thing!! :) We still tease her about it. Memories, for sure. Especially for mom, cleaning up. :)


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