Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raw{e} In Memory of Aunt Gail

This weeks theme is.....
the photo must be something that you have taken this past weekend up until
this Friday. Options are WIDE open.
No digging through your archives...take something..
be creative.

In memory of Aunt Gail.

This past weekend we went up to Columbus Ohio and participated in the Race for the Cure race up there. My closest aunt passed away from breast cancer last June after it returned for a second time. I was unable to make it to her funeral because I was so pregnant with Owen at the time. When we were up there this weekend we went to her grave to visit for the first time. I captured this shot of Owen crawling up to the tombstone. 

I'll post more about my visit later this week. For now, this is it. 


  1. I had been wondering where you had jetted off to...glad you made it back safely :D

  2. This is a very sweet photo...

  3. Oh, I remember your Aunt Gail - what a dear lady. This is a lovely picture, hope you all enjoyed your trip.

  4. I'm sure you will have many stories of Aunt Gail to pass on to Owen as he grows up. That's the best way to keep our loved ones in our hearts and minds, even though we know they are in a better place... have a blessed weekend!

  5. I lost my aunt to cancer last year, too. I am sorry for your loss. Such interesting thoughts come from this. The circle of life.


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