Saturday, May 8, 2010

What am I giving them?

{Warning: this could get lengthy. The Lord is working on me here. Proceed with time...hehe}
I have a confession to make. 
One of the first things I do in the mornings is check my email and Facebook.
I should be embarrassed to admit that. But, its true. 
I get my kids (an easy) breakfast and sit myself at the computer.

Last week, one night while nursing Owen to sleep and praying, {on a side note, I've realized that some of my best prayer time with the Lord is when I'm nursing my little guy to sleep. It's moments that I have to stop and be still. There's no other choice. So, I take advantage of that time to talk to the Lord and pray for my husband and kids} Anyways, the Lord really impressed on me that I shouldn't be making the computer one of my first stops of the day. So, I went to bed fully intending on not sitting at the computer first thing the next morning.

I was doing good until Elisa told me someone was talking to me through Google chat. So, instead of ignoring them, I sat down to answer the question and chat. The conversation quickly went downhill and I had a choice to make. A) Continue in the conversation and let it ruin my morning or B) draw the line and walk away from the conversation. I chose option B because I could see exactly what was happening. I had purposed to skip the computer that morning, therefore giving that time time undivided to my kids, but instead the enemy used my weakness to try and steal that time away. I should have never sat down and once I realized what I had done I took the steps to obey what the Lord was prompting me to do. {On another side note, once our master bedroom addition is complete the computer will be moved into our bedroom and out of the dining room. Therefore making this MUCH less of a temptation!} 

Fast forward to today. 

Today we celebrated Mothers Day with my husbands family (mom, dad, brother, sister and her family). Last year my mother in law ended up helping my husband cook part of the dinner. This year I told him he really needed to try and make sure she didn't do that. He needed to encourage his dad and brother to help out so she didn't feel the need to. Needless to say, my husband cooked our dinner today.

He also cleaned my kitchen, but thats for another post. 

While I saw my husband so selflessly and joyfully serving me, his mother and sister through cooking a dinner in honor of our holiday I realized something. 
I am so blessed with this life the Lord has given me.
Without a second thought this man goes to work at the crack of dawn everyday to make a living for our family. He works over-time and handles stress all so that I can stay home to be with our babies. He comes home from work and plays with our kids and gushes about what a good dinner I made.
A dinner that I haven't always put much thought into making for him after he's spent the day working hard for me.
No matter how tired he is he still helps me bathe the littles and lead our family in devotions. He patiently {well,  most of the time!} sits and listens when a 5 year old wants to pray but can't think of what to say. He comes back downstairs from putting the girls to sleep and instead of wanting to veg out in front of the TV or play some video game system to "unwind" he just wants me to come sit with him on the couch and tell him about our day.
When I saw my husband gladly cooking our dinner today my little life flashed before my eyes. Although this motherhood journey did not start out how either Derek or I had envisioned, here we are. And, I wouldn't trade this for anything. 

 This Mothers Day I am so grateful for the fact that I get to be these kids mommy. And that I get to be this mans wife.

Then, as I was sitting here at the computer {do you see a problem here??} I ran across this (click that) blog. And, the Lord reminded me of what He was impressing on me last week. 

Am I giving my family table scraps? Am I joyfully and selflessly giving my all in serving them? Or, are they getting my left overs? 

To be continued......


  1. Very insightful. Thank you for sharing what the Lord is doing in your life right now. Makes me think of what Marc was saying last Monday about being able to talk about everything BUT what the God is doing in our lives. How it can make us feel awkward. I am encouraged by your honesty and "straightforward-ness!"

  2. Do you ever wonder if the invention of the internet is to our generation what the invention of the TV was to that generation? I was SO addicted to stupid FB games that I actually had my kids harvesting my cyber crops. I know stupid right? I dumped all of the games and traded them for backflips on the trampoline and bike rides. While I really appreciate being able to look up any recipe at any moment or finding a video on how to "________" I really would like to not rely on the internet at all. Not sure that is possible in today's society.
    Sorry for the long comment...Thanks for the post :)

  3. Happy Mother's Day Lindsay ~
    The Lord is faithful, His word is true, children are a blessing and all of Heaven is on your side!


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