Monday, May 3, 2010

Raw{e} Running

This weeks Raw{e} theme over at Sailor & Company is running. Rules: Show us your best "RUNNING" straight out of the camera shot.

Now, I will say, this isn't the best picture by any means. But, I love it none-the-less! I know this is a photo contest and so this wouldn't win the prize makes me smile because,through the picture, you can see the fun these kids were having. We went on a field trip, with a group of moms and kiddos from church, to a local farm and I captured this picture.

Some of the kids had run up ahead of the group and for some reason turned around and all together started running back. 

I don't think the size of this picture really does it justice because you can't quite grasp the looks on all their little faces!


  1. Fun photo! Love all the hair blowing in the wind :)

  2. This is so cute! It is definitely better when viewed full-size - you can see all their smiles.

  3. awesome...I can feel the energy!

  4. Really a fun shot--I clicked on the pic and it enlarged so you could see the faces!


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