Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Bluebonnets

What was I thinking trying to get bluebonnet pictures of 4 kids all by myself......?? They weren't matching *gasp* but I was afraid if I waited any longer they would be dead or overgrown with weeds. So, I stopped that day. Heres what I got.......

Owen- Look at the pretty flowers.

Owen- hmm wonder what they taste like. 
Ava- this sun is really bright!

Owen- wow, flowers!
Ava- I'm not smiling, its too bright.

Elisa- Maybe standing Owen up Ok, maybe not.

Owen- whats on my foot??
Elisa and Audrey- Whats on Owens foot?
Ava- I'll fake smile but thats all youre getting.

Almost have everyone looking at the camera...then Audrey notices something new and just cant take her eyes off of it!

Mom- Oh, I give up! What was I thinking trying to get all 4 kids looking at the same time all by myself?!? Lets move on to individuals..... {see side bar}


  1. Love the new layout and absolutely LOVE the bluebonnet pics you got, specially the individuals on the side! You have such beautiful kids! Can't wait to see you all on Saturday!! It's been WAY too long.

  2. Wow. Wonderful photos!

    Have a great rest of the day!

  3. What beautiful pictures! My son does look right at the camera often. That is only one for me to try to focus. You have four.

  4. I thought you did pretty well trying to get a shot of all four of them, all by yourself. I thought they turned out pretty well too.

  5. Love the pictures! So cute!! I love your blog its so cute!

  6. Love the pictures. Wish we had bluebonnets here. The individual pictures turned out awesome. And ::gasp:: not matching?? :) My mom ALWAYS matched my three sisters, one brother and I for EVERYTHING! :)

  7. Adorable!! I wish I would have stopped and done that. :(

    Loving This Mom Stuff

  8. So beautiful! You take amazing pictures and your children all make gorgeous models!! Hope to see you at Ruby Scouts this weekend.

  9. Wish we had bluebonnets here. The individual pictures turned out awesome.
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