Thursday, December 3, 2009

Give a shoebox

Giving Day 3
We've never done the Operation Christmas Child shoe box gift before. I'm sure alot of people reading this have so this is nothing new to you. But, it is to us. I've heard about it in the past but never knew more about it until this year. You pack a shoe box full of little things from toys to school supplies to necessities like toothbrushes. Then, you drop it off at a designated location and its sent across the world to a child in need. All in Jesus name!
Its too late this year, in most parts of the country, to drop off any shoe boxes at local locations. But, they ask with each shoe box that you donate $7 to help cover the costs of actually getting the shoe box to that child across the world. Not every box comes with that $7 donation though. So, instead of packing shoe boxes this year we'll be donating some money to help cover the costs associated with getting the shoe boxes into the hands of that needy child somewhere else in the world.
We have far less money that we are able to give then we would actually like to give but we know that the little money we do have to give to others, God will multiply! Elisa, the oldest, just saw me writing this and said 'yeah, just like the story where the boy gave his lunch and Jesus multiplied it and fed thousands.' (John 6:1-15) Yep, just like that!

Here is a video about how one of those shoe boxes affected the life of a child across the world. Derek and I watched this the other night and I just watched it again with the girls. Just a warning, grab a tissue. God is good!

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