Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Give the Gift of Prayer

Giving Day 2- Idea 50
Have an Advent-ure.

Don't worry I'm not going to write what the books says word for word. That could get lengthy and isn't that like plagiarism or something? ;)

In this suggestion your told to pick a different person to pray for as a family every day. Just like you have an Advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas now you can give the gift of prayer and intercession on someone else's behalf.

Doesn't it make you feel good to know when someone is praying for you? Think about when you haven't even passed on a need and you find out they were praying for you. I can remember I was having a really hard time, on many different levels, right after Owen, baby #4, was born. I was tired from just having had a baby, tired from getting less sleep and nursing constantly, tired from having 3 older children to take care of, tired of all the responsibilities here on the home front get the point. I took my need to our small group at church, which was kind of a hard thing for me to do...admitting you're suffering from the baby blues and admitting life is hard at the moment, and they prayed for me that night. That was a Monday night. As the week went on its like the haze I was living in was lifted. It was amazing. What a different mindset I had after they had prayed for me that night and knowing some of them were storming the gates of Heaven on my behalf throughout the week.

So, every night now through Christmas our family will pick a new person to pray for. We'll let the girls take turns picking along with Derek and me. Anyone goes. We'll spend the next day praying specifically for that person. As a family and individually.

If you join in this one with your family make sure and let you kids in on it too. Let them help pick the person and let them pray as well. This is another great way to teach them a new way in giving to others. Giving isn't always in material possessions; there are many other ways we can give without it being material.

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