Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Win something to give

A friend of mine is hosting a giveaway over at her sewing blog. Shes giving away some adorable New-Mommy warming slippers and matching baby booties.

These would be a PERFECT 'welcome baby' gift to give to a new mommy. I entered specifically with the intention that if I win...I'll be giving them away! As cute as they are and as much as I would love to keep them for myself I think they would make a wonderful gift for a new mommy. Since we have at least 5 pregnant women at church right now....I dont think I'll have a hard time finding the perfect new mommy to receive them. Thats if I were to win them of course, lol. So, stop on by her blog and enter for yourself and think of the perfect new mommy to give these too!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting my giveaway! I just recently started my sewing blog because I love going to other sewing blogs so much and decided to join in. The only problem is the time factor, which I know you completely understand.
    I pray you and your adorable babies are doing well!


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