Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So....what now?

Well, Christmas has come and gone.
But, that doesn't mean that the spirit of giving should go away with the day, does it?

We think not.

This month has left us with being more mindful of giving in general.
Be it by buying a coke for a co-worker (in Dereks case), parking at the back or feeding a child for a year. It's left our girls more aware of others needs and with the knowledge that there are many less fortunate in our world.
We, as a family, have come to realize in a much greater way how truly blessed we are.

So...what now?
I've been thinking about what to do with this blog since the Christmas season is ending. My plan is to blog as we journey through continuing to make giving a lifestyle. Not just something we do, or think about, during the holidays. 

One of the best ways that we can give more is by learning to be better stewards of what the Lord has blessed us with. This includes material possessions,  income/money,our health and our time. 
I can think of so many possibilities of ways to give to others if we cut out unnecessary spending. For us its eating out. What if we cut out fast food runs and instead put that money in our giving jar

What about time? If you organized your time would you be able to give more of it to others through....volunteering? Or blessing people with meals? Or babysitting for that couple with lots of littles. (ohh ohh thats us waving our hands to get noticed! LOL just kidding of course) 

How about your health? Eating out less means less money spent on bad for you food. Taking better care of your health, for some, could mean less time off of work or less visits to the Dr and co-pays.  Resulting in more money and energy to be able to give.

The possibilities are endless. 

So, once again...kick back, grab a cup of coffee and journey with us as we make giving a lifestyle and help encourage you in doing the same!

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