Friday, December 25, 2009

I Stand Amazed

We stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazearene!

We are so honored and blessed to be part of a chosen people. To have a God who gave His Son for us 2000 years ago and welcomed us, sinners, into His family. Thank you, Lord, for the birth of the baby we celebrate today. 

We have had a wonderful Christmas this year. We have made such a strong effort to not lose focus of what the season is really about. We tried so hard to make sure our kids get that it's not about the gift they get but about Him. That instead of focusing on what we get we focus on what we can give.  

When we first started our mission this year I prayed God would provide more than we could give. That He would multiply what we were able to give and turn it into more. This week God miraculously provided a way for us to give more! We literally stand amazed in our Jesus! We were given the opportunity to sit down with our girls and go through different ministries gift catalogs and let them choose different gifts to give. They put thought into each gift and why they felt it was an important one to give away. 
Thank you, Lord, for being you and continuing to amaze us!

Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas!! 

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