Monday, December 21, 2009

Bake an Extra Dozen

Giving Day 21
Idea #52-Bake an extra Dozen

Today we were the ones given a gift.
But, I thought it was worth writing about since it kinda went along with the book. In this idea its suggested you go ahead and bake an extra dozen (or two) goodies when you're baking. Then, give them away to a new neighbor or family friend!

A friend of ours invited us (the kids and me), and some other friends, over to decorate Christmas cookies today.  She made lots and lots of sugar cookies and had a fabulous set up for the kids to decorate their hearts out. They had a blast being creative with the icing and goodies. And, eating a cookie or two in the midst of it all. ;)

Now, with the cookies the girls made they can give them away to someone else here in the next few days!

Sorry we've been absent the past few days. We've been battling sickness off and on for the past week.

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