Thursday, December 3, 2009

Give the gift of freedom...

...financially speaking. We've been Dave Ramsey fans for a few years now. We love what he teaches about debt and credit use, actually the lack of it. Our goal is to eventually be debt free. We're doing good on not acquiring new debt...its the working on the old stuff that is sluggish!
Dave is doing 24 days of Giving this year and today he's giving away $2000! Wouldn't that be awesome to win that and set up your $1000 emergency fund and then be able to give the rest away!? I'm currently thinking of a ton of different ways we could give to others. No matter how enticing that money would be to spend on ourselves it sure feels great knowing you've bless someone else!
So, check out Dave's site and make sure you enter the giveaway today and begin planning on how you could use the money to bless someone else this Christmas! Also, check out all the stuff he has on sale for $10. They would make a great present teaching someone how to be debt free.

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