Monday, December 14, 2009

Do it Again

Giving Day 14
Idea 45- Do it Again

Pick one of the ways you've already given and, you guessed it, do it again. Today was a simple day for us. We did school this morning (we homeschool) and then went grocery shopping this afternoon.

One way we re-gave something was parking in the back of the parking lot. (Idea #89)

I must make a confession though. I never leave carts in the parking lot. I always take them back. (Think idea #35) Today, though, because we parked in the back of the parking lot I couldn't take my cart back. I was really torn inside. I stood next to the car with the cart for a couple minutes contemplating what to do. The cart return areas were really far away. I had 4 kiddos in the car with it running. To run the cart back up to the front of the parking lot or not? What to do? What to do?
So, I did what I felt was the best, safest option, given the circumstances. I left the cart. Ugh, I cringe even typing that! So, while I gave through parking in back maybe I trumped that giving by not taking my cart back? Oh well...what's there left to do now?

One thing we purposed to do this entire season was never walk past a Salvation Army Kettle without giving some money. Even if it's just a little.
When I got to Wal-Mart this afternoon I realized I didn't have any cash. Yikes! So, instead of fretting over it I explained to the girls that we weren't going to give any money on the way in but instead we'd give on the way out. I got cash back in small bills and gave each of the girls some money for the kettle.

As we were walking out each girl had her turn giving their money. There was a lady behind us walking out at about the same time as us. She stopped and decided to give some money to the kettle as well. She may have had that intention all along but it was a sweet sound to hear Elisa say "wow, mom. We're setting a good example to others by our giving." (They're getting it!!!)

In other words, we're giving Christ this Christmas.

God has given gifts to each of you.....Manage them well so that God's generosity can flow through you. 1 Peter 4:10

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