Monday, December 21, 2009

You Still Have Time!!

You still have time! 
It's not too late! 

For what, you ask? 

Well, to give a goat
Or a fruit tree
Or provide 100 lbs of rice and beans.   
Or...the list goes on. 

It's the last few shopping days before Christmas so how about giving one of those things in someone elses name instead of buying them another sweater that will disappear somewhere in mass of their closet? Or, how about suggesting someone else give something in your name instead of that new pair of earrings or DVD? How much more meaningful would this Christmas be if we gave up our own wants and desires and gave to others instead?

My parents gave us an early Christmas present today. Today they gave a fruit tree to a family in Haiti in our names. I can pretty much gaurantee this will be the best Christmas present we give or receive this year!

This was idea #73.

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