Sunday, December 13, 2009

Save a little. Give a lot.

Giving Day 13
Idea #46 with a twist

Our giving 'jar'

In this idea you're encouraged to open a bank savings account to start saving specifically to give. We really loved this idea because we often don't have a lot of extra money above and beyond our basic needs. But, if we make an effort little by little throughout the year then by the end we'll have a decent amount to give.

Derek was driving in late to work one day and caught a little bit of Glenn Beck's radio show. Because we've made the choice not to have TV here at home we only get to watch Beck when my parents DVR it for us or suggest we go online and youtube a specific day. And, since Derek is at work and we're usually doing school during the morning hours we don't get to catch the radio show very often.
Anyways, on this day Glenn had a guest who's family set a jar aside to put money in over the course of the year and during the Christmas season they would anonymously give it to a family in need. Derek came home and told me the idea and both agreed that was something we would start doing this year.

When we got the book and read the idea of the bank account we decided that was the confirmation we need to get started with our saving to give. (Not that there was any doubt, it was just the extra 'yep, we're supposed to do it!' thing for us)

So, tonight we sat the girls down, told them our plan and made our 'saving to give' jar. In our case its not a jar though, lol. Its an old oatmeal box (not a box...whatever it would be called). We pulled out some Christmas fabric and ribbon and started decorating. We thought having it decorated Christmasy would remind us what we were saving for.
Then, Derek started off our savings by letting the girls put all of the money from his coffee can he throws his change into. So, we're off to a decent start! By this time next year we'll have some money to give. Hopefully, in more then one place!

Unlike the idea from Glenn Beck we have talked about using the money to buy a goat or water filter through Samaritans Purse or World Vision next year.

Here are the kiddos with their completed project. (Ignore how rough they're looking!) Owen wasn't very happy.

Just the girls.

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