Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For a special little girl....

I promise I wont fill this blog with only links to giveaways. Although, who doesn't like the chance of getting something for free?! But, I thought this was another one worth posting.

Growing up I was raised by a wonderful single mom. We didn't have much and we certainly didn't have the money to decorate my bedroom with nice things. Now that I have 3 girls I remember how much I always wished I had a pretty room. Our girls room (yes, they all 3 share 1 room) is currently in the process of being decorated in a 'theme'. We don't have lots of money to pour into it constantly but we do little bits here and there.

This is another giveaway that, if I won, would be a perfect thing to give away since we won't need it. It would be nice to keep of course because the 2 choices are just beautiful but since my girls aren't in need...why not bless another little girl, who doesn't have pretty things in her bedroom, with it. (I don't know who that is yet, but if I win...I'll pray the Lord leads me to her!)
Hop on over there and enter for yourself. And make sure to let them know who sent you! (It'll get us both more entries ;) )

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