Monday, December 7, 2009

Ring a Bell

Giving Day 7
Idea- Well, this isnt in the book ;)
*edited to add: actually this was in the book. I could have sworn it was when I was writing this post but I couldn't find it anywhere at the time. Then, last night I found it. Idea #30.

Ring a Bell

I'm sure you see themoutside every store you enter during this time of year. You know, the ones wearing Santa hats and a red apron with a ringing bell in hand. Often they're in bitter cold weather but still wearing a smile on their faces. Have you guessed who I'm talking about?

That's right, Salvation Army Bell Ringers. (Is that their "official" title??) This year I've made it a goal to never pass one without giving something. No matter how small, any amount makes a difference. I think the Salvation Army is one of the few charities that is still doing good things with its original roots; doing it in Jesus' name. That in itself makes me want to give.

I was on a hunt for a picture for this update and visited the Salvation Army website and discovered something really cool. Not only can you donate in the red kettles at stores during this season but now you can give online via virtual kettles! So, I decided to set one up for this blog.

Would you consider giving $1, $5 or even $20? How about sacrificing your Starbucks today and give instead?? C'mon thats not too much to ask! :) All of it goes directly to the Salvation Army. All I did was set it up to give people an easy way to donate!

So, heres another way to click and give!

Click above or go to

I set up the goal amount as $150 and I'm trying to figure out how to put the kettle on here to show constant updates. Until then, click and give!

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