Monday, February 15, 2010

The Trinity is like a Peanut Butter Cookie

Ava, our 5 year old, has been trying to grasp the concept of the Trinity lately. She can't wrap her head around the idea that God is Jesus who is also the Holy Spirit. It's a hard idea to wrap your head around, especially when you're 5. 

We're going through and memorizing the Catechism for Boys and Girl at church. So, when since she's memorized "In how many persons does this one God exist?" {in 3 persons} and "Who are they?" {the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit} her little mind is a-goin'.

The other day when she brought it up I tried to explain it like an egg. 

Before its cracked it is one, a whole egg. But, after it's cracked open you realize that that one egg is actually 3 different parts. The shell, egg white and yolk. Like the Trinity. One whole with 3 parts. 
She kinda understood what I was explaining but still was having problems.

Today after her reading lesson I was sitting on the couch reading the begining of Leviticus outloud to her. Yes, I know. What an exciting part of scripture to be reading to a 5 year old. It was all about the 'rules' of sacrifices that were brought to the temple. But, as 'non-exciting' as it was it brought up such a rich conversation between us. (Don't you just love how the Lord does that!) 

She said it sounded kinda sad that God would want people to kill animals for their transgressions. 

What a wonderful door she opened for me to share with her about the ultimate sacrifice - Jesus.

Of course she knows about Jesus dieing for her but I was able to express to her how much more significant it was that Jesus was the FINAL sacrifice for us.That, instead of animal sacrifices being offered He loved us so much that He was willing to give His life as the final sacrifice. 
For us.
As we talked about this subject she, once again, brought up not understanding the Trinity. Of course she doesn't say it like that. It's more like this:

Ava: but mom, I just don't understand. How is God, like....Jesus? And *pause* Jesus like God and the Holy Spirit? How can they be the same but different?

This is where the peanut butter cookie comes in. I explain, again, that just like the egg, with 3 different parts that make it 1 whole, so is the Trinity.She's still not getting it this time. So, I try a different tactic.

First you take 3 ingredients: Sugar, Peanut Butter and an Egg

The sugar is like God. Pour that in the bowl.

 Then, we add the egg. Which is like Jesus.

And last, but no less important, we have the peanut butter. The Holy Spirit.
 Three different ingredients-parts if you will- that make 1 whole. The finished product. A cookie. The Trinity.

Putting the ingredients together, mixing them up and realizing that apart from each other they are their own identity but together -or whole- they are The Trinity. The 3 persons of God.

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