Thursday, February 4, 2010

1 Month In

2010- the year I've purposed to be a better steward of our time, money, bodies...the list could go on. By my lack of blogging so far this year I hope you can tell I'm working on that. *smile*

The goals I have already accomplished this year are: 
  • making bread from scratch. Well, rolls actually.
  • going a 2 week period without spending any money. 
  • making a baby gift instead of buying it. Working on 2 more for the next month as well!
  • making my own baby food.
  • Getting caught up on laundry! How hard is that?! 
And, my personal favorite accomplishment to date this year is......
Cloth Diapering!!
I'm just a {little} excited about cloth diapering. Can you tell? I've wanted to cloth diaper for a long time just never had the guts, time, laundry caught up enough to where I felt I could handle adding MORE loads. 

But, a few weeks ago I got completely caught up on laundry and allowed myself to pull out the cloth diapers and give them a shot. 

I am fortunate that my friend, Brandee, let us borrow her cloth diaper stash until/if she needs them again.  If she doesn't then I can eventually just buy these from her. For now though, they're on loan to us.
I figure until Audrey is fully potty trained-which is soon I hope- we'll be saving about $100 a month on diapers. Wowza-thats a lot of money! We're just cloth diapering at home, not when we're out, so I'm still buying some diapers for on the go. But, I am so proud of myself. And, yes, I feel a bit more accomplished as a mother while doing this for some reason. 

On a side note- my friend Stephanie started blogging. You should give it a read


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