Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Lindsay Files -part 5

I know you're probably wondering what happened to part 4. Well, I've been a slacker blogger and havnt touched this blog in almost 3 weeks. I figured I should go ahead and talk about 3rd grade life, since its the most recent part of Mommys Piggy Tails, and then go back and blog Part 4 about 2nd grade.

The summer between 2nd and 3rd grade we spent a few weeks in California visiting my dad. That year we went to Disneyland again and spent the week at a lake with some family friends. The wife babysat us when my dad and step mom were at work so we were pretty familiar with the family. They only had 1 child, a son, and I remember thinking he was soooo cute. Total California boy! His mom was your typical early 90's California girl as well. Dark tan, the bangs and pink lipstick. We really enjoyed her watching us that summer.

 My step sister Jackie, brother Corey, John David and me.

 If only I could be this tan again.....

While at the lake we went on a banana boat. Let me just say I am REALLY scared of lake water. Still am to this day. The thought of swimming from the boat to a tube, or falling out a of tube, pretty much sends me into hyperventilating. No lie. Anyways, we'd all pile on this banana boat and they would drive all crazy and do everything possible to throw everyone off the banana boat. This picture, my friends, is what happened every.single.time. They could not get me to fall off. I would hold on for dear life. I was not letting go and falling into the lake. Into the unknown!

Some pictures of us getting autographs at Disneyland.

Driving the boat with my brother and step sister.

My 3rd grade teacher was Mrs. Beard. Shes the teacher I wanted and my mom had requested. My requested my teacher every year. I didn't realize that until I was older and she told me. I just assumed I was super lucky to be getting the teacher I wanted every year! ha! I remember distinctly walking up the steps of school, a couple weeks before the first day, to see who my teacher was going to be. I noticed my friend Cassie- remember the one I walked to school with in Kindergarten- was in my class that year! When I called to tell her she informed they were moving. About 30-45 minutes away. Still in the Dallas area but far enough not to see her everyday or even every week. I was bummed.

Third grade was the year I learned to skip count- ya know besides 2's, 5's and 10's- and multiplication. I can still sing some of the skip counting songs she taught us that year and I taught them to Elisa when I was teaching her multiplication!

Two years later, when I was in 5th grade, Mrs. Beard was standing on a ladder painting in her house. Somehow she fell off and the fall killed her. I remember thinking it was so weird knowing my 3rd grade teacher had died. 

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  1. ReallY?! That's where it ends??? What a downer!!!

  2. I like how you write - it sounds like I'm listening to you talk. Your perspective on the 90's is so funny. It was really cool to be one of those '90's' moms. We worked real hard at it! :) The tan, the hair, the lipstick - it ALL mattered. (for some reason)

    Such a sad story about your teacher ...


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