Tuesday, July 20, 2010

9 years

Last week our biggest baby turned 9 years old.
Really, 9 years??
It seems like just yesterday she entered the world and forever changed our future. 
The Lord used that little life to change the course of 2 big lives all for His glory. 
Like the song says 'a baby changes everything'  and so it was for 2 young parents starting their lives together. 
We could have never imagined 9 years ago that the Lord would draw us closer to Him through the birth of our first child.
A girl.
Our Miss Liss.
From just a little thing she has always had compassion and encouragement for others and been full of life! She seems to excel at everything she pursues and even at a young age showed a love for the Father.
She is a huge helper and makes the perfect oldest child in our family.
We thank God that He chose to use her little life to change the course of our big lives.
She is our first blessing and we wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. Adorable! Such a young lady. {looks like mom} :)
    I love your pictures - too cute.


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