Monday, July 12, 2010

Raw{e} Desserts!

I decided I wanted to try and become a consistent blogger again. {Yes, I have high hopes for myself with this unreliable internet we pay a ridiculous amount for and for trying to maintain a blog worth reading while managing a home and raising 4 kids.} 
So, I'm jumping back in and joining the RAW{E} photo challenge, over at Sailor and Company, for this week!
This week theme is desserts! The only rule is the shot has to be straight out of the camera. No editing allowed.
I was trying to figure out which picture I wanted to enter and then I remembered this picture from a friends baby shower back in March (or maybe Feburary....?) I loved the little 'robins eggs' sitting on top of the chocolate cupcakes!{Great job, Kalina and Rhonda!}

Don't they make your mouth water!


  1. oh, looks soo yummy!!! great pic :)

  2. I love cupcakes in general, but these robin eggs make them look extra yummy. I hope you will become a consistent blogger. Blogging is fun!

  3. My first visit here! Your dessert pictures look great! Your family is way too cute! Your testimony is amazing! PBTL! Thanks for sharing!


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