Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How easy we grumble

At corporate worship on Sunday we were reminded of the Israelites and their exodus from Egypt. Once out of Egypt they were really craving some meat and grumbling and complaining about their lack of good food. So, our wonderful God, in His great mercy gave them quail to eat. He then told them He would provide Manna from Heaven for their food. As they wandered year after year, for 40 years, they often fell into the same grumbling and complaining.

It's so easy for us to look back at their story - our story - and wonder why on earth, after many miracles and provisions from the Lord, they would even have the nerve to complain! 

But, their story - our story  as adopted sons and daughters into the family of God- really just represents our hearts. We are so blessed in this nation, in our every day lives. But, how often we fall into the grumbling and complaining trap! Time and again we catch ourselves complaining about the things in our lives which are actually blessings. 

We don't like what we have available in the pantry to cook for dinner. What most of the world would give for a hot meal.
We're sick of our clothes. We want new ones. I'm sure there are plenty who would like to replace the rags they're wearing on the other side of the world.
Our car isn't new or nice enough. At least we have a car that can get us from point A to point B.
We don't feel like cleaning {oh...maybe that's just me!} the house. Most people in the world would love a house to live in.
Our family, yet again, has rubbed us the wrong way.  How about the orphans around the world? I'm sure they long for a family to 'rub them the wrong way'.

How shameful it is to know that I actually think these thoughts! Oh, Lord, forgive me!

It seems like year after year people get the 'think of others' mentality around Christmas time but by this time of year the majority of us have fallen back into the me me me trap.
Wanting more, more, more.

So, I've decided every Wednesday I'm going to try and start listing some of my blessings. That way, when I find myself falling into the trap of grumbling and complaining about blessings from the Lord I can look back and be reminded that I have NOTHING to complain about. For out of the mouth the heart flows......

Today some of my blessings are:

1. Getting to stay home with my kids.
2. Having a husband who willing goes to work everyday to provide for us.
3. A God who has chosen and adopted me into His family.
4. Four precious babies who are healthy and happy {most of the time}.
5. A paid for small 2 bedroom house that comfortably holds all 6 of us.
6. A life that allows my 2 year old to wear a Snow White dress all day. To where her only concern need be the matching shoes. Not whether or not she'll get to eat the next meal or whether or not her mommy or daddy will come home.

How many of your grumlings are actually blessings?


  1. What an excellent post. I am again convicted at how easy it is to turn blessings into something to grumble about. So often, for me, it's little things like laundry. Here I grumble over too many clothes when there are many who have none.

    Thank you for reminding me of the truth.

    Have a blessed night!

  2. Awesome post my friend! Something we all need to be reminded of. LOVE the pictures of your precious snow white. :0)
    It was GREAT meeting you today too- what a neat group of moms. Thank you so much for including me. :0) I actually just wrote a post about you all!


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