Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Stuff...BABY stuff! my Etsy shop! 
I decided to list some baby items.
I've been making baby sets as gifts for friends and since people always say I should be selling these sets I decided it was about time I did.
We're saving for our vacation so any sales will go towards that.
After that we'll be saving towards Christmas and finishing our bedroom addition.
We're trying to give in an even bigger way this Christmas.
Once August hits I feel like it means we should star getting serious about how we're gonna give and what we're gonna give to this Christmas season. 

Anyways, visit my shop and buy some items :)
And refer your friends.
If you refer someone and they purchase something have them mention
Because He Gave and YOUR name
and I'll knock $5 off their order 
and you'll get a $5 credit. 

That means refer 3 friends who place orders and you'll get 3 FREE burp cloths!
You can do free, right?

I can also do custom orders. 
Like this: 2 burp cloths, guitar bib, tie onsie and initial onsie.

Or a custom order like this:
Ruffle back (not pictured) appliqued onsie, matching chenille bib and chenille burp cloth.

Or custom clothing orders like this:

If you're interested in anything I pictured but don't have listed in my shop email me at and put ETSY in the subject line. And we'll talk prices and setting up a custom order for you!

Visit Homegrown Bows On Etsy!


  1. So cute Linds!! You are so talented!

  2. So adorable! What do you charge for an appliqued onsie?

  3. Lisa- Depends on what you want on it. Are you wanting an initial or something like a flower or #?

  4. I like the ones that have the flower and the tie. I'd probably be most interested in the flower one right now.


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