Friday, June 18, 2010

The Lindsay Files- Pt 2

There's not much I remember about my pre-k life but some things do stick out. Like the time I was in a Psalty play. If you were a Christian during the 80's surely you remember Psalty the big blue song book?

Well, my mom worked at the FIrst Baptist of Carrollton daycare center and my uncle was the chaplain and in charge of the older kids. He had the older kids put on a big show and yours truly got to be the 1 lone little girl in the play. My big line consisted of "even 3!" So wait....maybe I wasn't even in pre-k yet. Maybe I was still 3.

My dad had moved to California by the time I was this age. He had remarried a woman with a little girl 4 months older than me. So, we now had a step-sister. At one point they had come back to Texas to visit me and brothers and my dads dad and step mom down in San Antonio. I remember staying in hotel in San Antonio and my dad ordering Dominoes pizza. I remember sitting there eating that pizza and when someone picked up one of the very last pieces to eat there was a dead bug under the pizza. YUCK! We had eaten almost the entire thing before anyone discovered that nasty thing. Dominoes left a bad taste in my mouth for a very very long time after that.

I have a lot of memories of my kindergarten year.

 Me and my neighbors Sabrina and Lisa.

That was back when kindergarten was still half days. I was in the afternoon class because I was older. I guess maybe the younger kids went earlier because they figured they still needed naps in the afternoons?? My Aunt Gail babysat me back then and I would walk half way to school alone. I would walk down the street to my friend Cassie Clevengers house and we'd walk the rest of the way together. It wasn't a long walk at all but thinking about letting a kindergartener walk to school alone nowadays makes me cringe! Those were different days....even just over 20 years ago.

I had my first boyfriend that year. His name was Jay.....and now that I'm trying to I can't remember his last name! {for the record it is not ok for my girls to have boyfriends in kindergarten! HA!}

That year I wanted to be in the talent show. I decided to sing Somewhere Out There from An American Tale. And, I did. Just to the accompaniment, not even with words. I was pretty darn cute if I say so myself ;) Watching the video I can't believe someone that little was brave enough to stand in front of all those people and sing! I ended up winning 2nd place overall.

I also had my first sleepover at my house. It was with Kerri Felderhoff (ha! I remember her last name!)
That year I formed friendships that could have lasted a lifetime. There's something about starting kindergarten in the town you're going to spend your entire school career in. Kerri ended up being in my class every year until 5th grade when I moved elementary schools (because a new one opened up and I was zoned to it). There were also several others in my kindergarten class that ended up being in the same class as me through 4th grade.

I have several good memories of kindergarten. I really loved school when I was little and that started my school career off on a good foot. I always say that kindergarten teachers have to be called to teach that age and I must have had a good teacher since I remember it so fondly. 

I also must have visited my dad in California for the first time the summer following kindergarten. He took us to Universal Studios and Disney Land that year.

me, a carebear and my step-sister Jackie. 
{and some girl who got in on our picture!}

I remember quite vividly taking some kind of tour around Universal Studios.


My dear sweet brothers, who must have been about 14 and 16 at the time, told me that Godzilla- in all his firey glory- would be on one side of the tram, so I should sit on the other side. I did because I did not want to be scared! Surely my dad was oblivious to all of this because as we were driving through the part with Godzilla I turn and look and there he is! On my side! I was screaming hysterically while my sweet brothers were laughing hysterically.Obviously it made quite an impression on my 6 year old mind!


  1. Wow, you remember a lot from those day! Great stories!

  2. Wow girl! You do remember a lot!! :) So funny though about the boyfriend thing bc I had my little bf and chased little boys around the playground! I was such a flirt!!
    I loved Psalty the Psalm book!! Do you remember Charity Church Mouse??
    I can't believe how much your daughters look like you did, esp the oldest!! :)
    So neat!!

  3. Sounds like something my brother would do!

    Good old care bears! I see the resemblance btwn you and Elisa.

    You are being featured tomorrow.

  4. Oh and yes I know about Psalty the Song Book!!!!

  5. You have an incredible memory!! I remember that picture of you and Sabrina & Lisa being in your house as a kid. I remember several other boyfriends or crushes you had growing up. Oh the memories!!!
    Tiffany W.

  6. Psalty the song book - just his picture brings back a flood of memories.
    I love reading your stories. Isn't it amazing how much your daughters resemble you!

  7. I'm loving reading these stories about your younger years!

    PSALTY....WOW, does that bring back a TON of memories for me! So fun!!


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