Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Lindsay Files - Part 3

As I sit here and eat some cookie dough I am racking my brain trying to remember some significant happenings of my 1st grade life. And.....I'm having a really hard time. I've tried all week long because I was thinking I don't remember too much of 1st grade life.

I  do remember getting the baby doll I wanted that year. It was a Cabbage Patch doll that could go in the water. It was super cool!  {I tried to find a picture of the doll online to give you some eye candy but I couldn't find one. Sorry.}

I also do remember my teachers name was Mrs. Brown. She moved at the end of the year and I never saw her again.

I didn't try out for the talent show again that year. {You'll see that this is odd for me as the future weeks unfold}

I was in the same class as Kerri again. And Ginger, Chris Horn, Chris Wolf and....there was someone else I can picture but can't place their name.

I forgot to mention in my kindergarten entry that that year I was tested for the gifted and talented program. I passed and was admitted to the program but 1st grade was the first full year being apart of LEAP (Learning Enrichment Academic Program). I remember getting to leave class once a week to go to LEAP and getting to do really fun projects and stuff. And thinking we must have been really awesome. {har har} 
As an adult -in part of my reading up on some of the whys we would homeschool {besides the most important - the spirital reason}- I discovered why the gifted and talented programs were even developed for the public education system. Let me just say, go read the deliberate dumbing down of america - A Chronological Paper Trail: A Chronological Paper Trail VERY VERY interesting and mind opening. But, that really has nothing to do with my first grade year other than that I became part of the grand scheme to control the minds of the children *insert big scary laugh here*. 

One thing I do remember that year was that I cut my hair all off. It was really long. Like, down to my hiney long. And one day I decided I wanted short hair. And, my mom agreed to let me get it cut. So cut it I did! So much so that the following school day I was walking down the hall before school and my teacher and friend Ginger walked past me and didn't even recognize me! 

This is the year I became a Christian and got baptized. I remember this was the year I realized that not everyone went to church. Yes, in my little innocent mind everyone went to church and knew God and His Son. I remember sitting one day and asked my friend Ginger where she went to church. She said she didn't. Then, I turned to Chris Horn and asked where he went to church. He said he didn't. I remember thinking....huh? 

I also remember seeing one of the afore mentioned people picking their nose and sticking it under their chair. {I am cracking myself up right now with this memory! Elisa is reading this and telling me how disgusting that is!} Since the person could some day google their name and this blog could possibly pop up I would hate to call that person out on the wide web. So, I wont. 

I do have a picture of my 1st grade year but its packed away in a box I can't get to just yet. I think this was a year my mom forgot about picture day. Just sayin'........

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  1. Cute stories! You should come and read my nose-picking story. ;-) That was nice of you not to rat out your classmate on the world wide web!

  2. Lindsay, I am REALLY enjoying your stories!!
    Tiffany W.

  3. Well you ended up remembering a lot! the cookie dough must have helped:)

  4. Now I want to see the picture of you from 1st grade ;)
    Must go eat cookie dough...

  5. You ought to ask Hannah about her Cabbage Patch Doll - it's pretty funny.
    Good stories and sounds like good cookie dough too!


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