Monday, June 21, 2010

Owen- 9 months

Owen is nearing 11 months *gasp* and I still haven't share his 'offical' 9 month pictures I took. In all honesty I wasn't that pleased with them. I took them at a bad time of day {lighting wise. I'm still learning} and my camera was giving me a hard time focusing. {Still not sure of the issue there}

But, I played around with a few of my faves and edited them to my liking. I can not believe in just 6 short weeks how much older he looks now than he did then. It makes me want to cry. In 9 days my little guy will be entering his last month of his first year.!

He's walking, climbing {everything!}, jabbering, kissing and just being an all around adorable boy!
My fav

So serious. He was D.O.N.E by this point. I'm sure the poopy diaper didn't help ;)

Lighting is bad. Its too bright, but I love this picture.

proof that he was standing on his own at 9 months :)


  1. He is SUCH a cutie!! Can't believe he's about to be 11 months! Great pictures by the way. :)


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