Thursday, June 10, 2010

Owen's Worst Week Ever

In the past 3 weeks Owen has been pretty sick. He came down with bronchiolitis over Memorial Day weekend but I didn’t take him to the Dr’s until Tuesday following the weekend. By that time he was coughing pretty bad and just miserable :( He ended up having an ear infection and possible pneumonia to make matters worse! Poor little guy!

Thursday all 3 girls woke up feeling sick in various ways. So needless to say that was a very.long.week with all 4 kids down for the count! But, God is good and He provided the strength for me to endure the long week ;)

Saturday everyone was feeling much better and enjoying the day. Owen was outside with Audrey playing when I heard him screaming. Not just my sister took my toy away screaming. Or, I bumped my head screaming. But, bloody murder screaming. When I ran out there- Derek was outside watering the plants but didn’t hear this all happening- I saw that my little guy was swarmed by red wasps! Now I am terrified of anything that stings. In my 27 years of life I have yet to be stung by anything. But, seeing my precious boy being swarmed by those suckers made the mom instinct kick in and I was out there grabbing him up in flash. He was screaming hysterically and with a quick check it appeared as though he had been stung 2 times on the chest and once on the back. I ran in and did what any nursing mother would do…started nursing him to calm him down. At one point  he pulled off and I saw it.

His little lip starting to swell!

He had been stung on the lip and I didn’t realize it! As his lip swelledn and he nursed, Derek googled what to look for after a baby gets stung. We thought he had been stung 4 times so that was a lot of poison going into his little body.

Once everyone was calmed down we checked him over again and the places on his chest and back, where we had originally thought he had been stung, weren’t swollen or anything so we now wonder if he really had been stung there or not. We discovered that the stinger had been left in his lip the entire time before we realized he had been stung in the mouth so more poison was just pumping into his lip and he nursed and cried L Talk about feeling like an awful mom for not knowing!

He started sucking on his lip as it swelled and by the time we realized the stinger was still in there (there had been a black dot at the center of the swelling)  he had already sucked it out!

By morning the swelling was gone. The only remnants left of the sting was the nasty inside of his lip peeling from his lip having been so swollen.

So, I guess we can mark this down in the family history book as Owen’s worst week ever!

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  1. Great blog Linds, I look forward to reading your perspective on God, Family, Country, and Life!


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