Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Twist to the Matching Game

I can't remember where I got this idea-or if I came up with it on my own? But, for what it's worth I thought it was worth sharing! 

This can help turn the monotonous task of sock matching into a game for your kids! It also helps preschoolers with their matching skills {bonus points!}
Whenever I have a load with socks I typically throw them into a basket. Once that basket gets pretty full-or we run out of socks *wink*- I put my kids to work! 
First, I grab a handful of socks and start laying them across the living room floor. Then I tell them to pick a sock and find its match. This is an especially good chore for my 6 year old. Still, after doing this 'game' for a couple years now, she is pleased with herself when she finds new matching pairs! 
You could even go as far as making it a competition for your older ones. See who can match the most pairs and then award them with a prize. My girls like an extra .50 or so. Nothing like a little money to kick that motivation into gear ;)

Another great sock tip that I learned from my Uncle Jim is this; every time you take your socks off grab a safety pin and pin the pair together. They can be washed like this and will save you the time trying to match them once they're dry! {obviously this wouldn't work if you're having your kids play the sock matching game!}

And, since I can't get the blog button to work on here I'm participating in the Works for Me Wednesday blog carnival!


  1. We used to play this same game....but when more children equaled less time - we switched to this:


    Someday, we may go back to matching (I really like the safety pin idea!)But maybe not until the kids are older!

  2. We do this too - but won the couch - I think ton the floor would be more fun - like a game of Memory!! *Blessings* Lib


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