Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The misconception of mom bloggers

Blogs are an interesting thing. 
You can post anything you want. Anyone can make their awful life look wonderful on paper over the internet. Any bad mom can seem like super mom through her blog posts. Heck, I bet if you blogged enough positive things about your life it might actually start turning that way....{positive thinking here}, if it wasn't already. 

There is this misconception when moms read other moms blogs. I've fallen into this trap myself. You go to one moms blog and read about her wonderful life. How she does these wonderful unit studies with her children, bakes everything from scratch, teaches her children wonderful Bible lessons, is always on top of her laundry, has a super organized house and a wonderful marriage. Oh and did I mention she has a billion kids and still manages these things? 

While, I am sure there ARE those families out there, I would venture to guess theres not too many of them. I would venture to guess that most of the families we follow online are imperfect.
Just like I am. 
I bet those moms laundry falls behind, I bet theres been times shes fed her kids cereal twice a day during her first trimester because she can hardly function let alone cook. I bet her kids fight and sometimes forget to brush their teeth. 

My point is this: most blogs only show what they want you to see. Most blogs don't show the nitty gritty 'I don't have everything together' parts of their lives. And thats ok, INPO *in my personal opinion*. 

If I were on a mission field in a foreign land and was keeping a blog of my daily life I don't think I would be blogging about the bad side of it. I would be blogging about all the wonderful things that the Lord is doing while I'm on that mission field. I wouldn't be getting online to tell the world how bad the people stink {think poopy diapers or potty training here} or how poor my living conditions are {not being content with the home the Lord had given me and sqeezing 6 people in a 2 bedroom home} or the frustration with the people I'm involved with on a daily basis {fighting amoungst the children}. 

No, I would be sharing the good side.

Sharing the victories and accomplishments through the grace of God. I would be sharing the joy and excitement I am experiencing right where the Lord has me.  Right here. Right now.

So, that is the mission of blogging through this motherhood journey. No, most of the mommy bloggers out there {including myself!!} are NOT perfect. Does that make the blog entries any less real? Nope. It just means we're choosing to show the good side of the mission the Lord has us on! The mission of motherhood! Following Philipians 2:14 and 15. 
14Do all things without grumbling or complaining, 15that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world,

Blogging about the good things isn't meant for discouragement for others. Its meant as ENCOURAGEMENT! I can't tell you how many time I have stumbled upon a blog, or visited one I frequent already, and have found the perfect encouragement for a challenge I'm already facing. Or, found a new way to do a task I struggle with. 
My prayer for anyone reading my blog is that everything I post brings encouragement and glory to the Lord. Yes, I may occasionally post our family imperfections. But, for the most part, I will choose to post things which help build up this mission to which the Lord has called me to. 
This mission of motherhood.

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  1. After reading this post I really felt an obligation to respond. I have read your blog from time to time and so appreciate the Christian women you are. This blog kindof hit me a little in the wrong way..I feel that it is a little judgemental of others and I dont believe as a Christian that is really appropriate. I dont believe that women/moms tell mistruths about their lives. I am a grandmother, I personally have known many many mommys that are very detailed and live quite a productive/pretty perfect life. I just really dont believe it was a fair comment to say that mommys write this all perfect life but really dont live it..little judgemental there..IMPO "in my personal opinion"
    good day

  2. Im sorry it came across as judgmental. That was NOT my heart at all.
    I wasnt implying moms tell mistruths at all. I actually meant it as encouragement in the other direction. More as, while many moms look like they have it all together many dont have it ALL together. THeyre just like everyone else. They (me) are posting the good things in their lives as encouragement to others but often their lives arent as perfectly together as they may come across on their blog. I was prompted to write this blog bc Ive had many people IRL make comments to me about how awesome of a mom I am and wow I cant believe you ______. I started feeling a bit convicted bc I post the good things on my blog, as encouragement, so I just wanted people to know that moms who blog write what they want people to see. (Myself included) Not that what they are writing are mistruths but that sometimes blogs can give the impression of a perfectly together life and often thats not the case. We're all human. As much as we're striving for perfection as mom (which we'll never achieve) many of us still dont have it all together.
    But, by using a blog as a ministry and only writing the things we're doing well or right doesnt mean we're telling mistruths it just means we're choosing not to use our blogs as a means for grumbling and complaining.
    Again, I'm sorry this came across as judgmental to you, as judgment was not in my thoughts at all. This was more of post intended for people who know ME and have been given this impression that I have it all together...bc anyone who knows me really well knows I do not have it all together! LOL

  3. Lindsay,
    The post is well said and I admire your courage! Of COURSE I'm going to only tell you about the good stuff - who wants to remember or repeat the hard things. :) BTW did I tell you about the time I put a turkey in the oven on low to cook the whole day and forgot about it - I woke up the next morning smelling turkey! And, yea, I was 'big and pregnant' and felt like a failure. It made a good story later on. :)
    Bless you dear lady!

  4. Lindsay ~
    If we are anymore the same, I might start looking for paperwork that declares that we were separated at birth. About 2 months ago my sister and I had "that" conversation. The one about how blogs seem to present the PERFECT-isms. Perfect this, perfect that. I'm always peachy happy and smile all.the.time. etc etc etc
    She asked me why I had stopped blogging and my response was this:
    "I do not want to have a blog that others will read and feel less about themselves. Because if they were only a fly on our wall. Ya know!" We talked about the boastfulness of FB (IMPO!)
    I struggle because the bible tells us to NOT be a stumbling block to others. I think that God included that because He knew that satan would use every part of society that he can to attack us magazines, news, REALITY (not really reality)TV, myspace, FB and YES blogs. satan is no dummy and his deceitfulness far surpasses that of Swiper.
    I understand every word that you wrote. I have thought every word that you wrote. And I think that a big part of our current "revelations" is that we do get praised because not everyone can manage the # of kids we have. Oddly enough WE know that WE are relying on God, completely, and He desrves all the credit not us!
    Blessings :D


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