Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maybe a Few Bad Eggs

The other day I bought 3 dozen organic, grain fed, free range eggs. You know, the good kind. 
The expensive kind!
Well, that night the eggs got left in the car! YIKES!! It was in the 40s that night so I was hoping my eggs weren't ruined. But, with everything we've always been taught about food saftey I was sure they were ruined. 
I went ahead and put them in the fridge when I found them the next day and decided to do some research.

By research I mean....ask if anyone knew if they would still be ok via my status update on Facebook ;)

Leave it to fellow 'friends' to know their stuff. One of my friends posted a response that if the eggs sink they're still good. If they float they're bad.

With that information I did a little more research via Google. Because, you know, everything that pops up on a Google search is reliable and all. {smile}

Indeed my friend was right! Apparently, when eggs are bad they release gases and when that bad egg is dropped in the water it will float because of the gasses that were released inside the shell. 
This morning I wanted to make banana muffins and needed an egg. So, I put the sink/float thing to test. And....my eggs sunk! I tested several of them, just to be certain.
They weren't ruined! 

Hopefully, someone out there who might read this blog doesn't know this little tidbit of info either and I have shared some wonderful, new knowledge with you!
Yet another benefit of the blog-o-sphere.

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