Monday, July 25, 2011

Things Ive Learned in a Summer full of 100+ degree Temps

According to this website we are on our 24th consecutive day of 100+ degree temps for the Dallas/Ft Worth area.
 I am currently 31 weeks pregnant in my 5th pregnancy and very hot.

And, that's probably an understatement.

But, trying to look at the bright side of this current situation, I've been mentally thinking of things I've learned through this heat. I thought- ya know so I can look back and remember this summer in all its hot glory- that I would write them all out here as a simple reminder that it's not that bad.

1. A $200 initial {ahh key word there} investment in an above ground pool is worth every.single.penny.
2. If I thought it was hard being pregnant any other summer {this is my 5th pregnancy and 5th time spending the Summer pregnant} I was wrong. This one is by far the hottest and hardest with a 3 year old and almost 2 year old.
3. Leaving the house to hang out with friends was much more appealing when I was 40 pounds lighter and it was 30 degrees cooler. {sorry guys}
4. I can get a lot more laundry done when I'm home instead of out hanging out with friends and having playdates. :) {shhh dont tell Derek}
5. The kids really do survive weeks on end without playing with friends.
6. Surprisingly, when we're home more the kids all get along better. Go figure.
7. A trampoline with a sprinkler spraying on it provides HOURS of uninterrupted fun for 4 kids ages 1-10.
8. I discovered Pinterest. Enough said.
9. We spend a lot less money eating out when the desire to stay home, in the cool air, over rides the desire {read: laziness} to not cook.

And the 10th thing I've learned this Summer full of 100+ degree temps is......

10.The Lord is changing my heart towards home again. Even if it took over 30 {non-consecutive} days so far this summer to give me the desire to stay home more.

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