Thursday, March 8, 2012

All About the Moon {project and links included}

Last week in science we learned about the Earth.
This week for Science we're learning about the Moon.

 {Don't you love how I said we're learning about the Moon?! It's even a learning experience for me!:)} 
As I had been sifting through Pinterest for different solar system ideas I ran across some really fun ideas focusing on phases of the Moon. So, of course, I pinned them. 
Today we got to put those fun ideas to practice by creating our very own 
Oreo Cookie Moon Phases!

Elisa working hard.

Shaping the crescent phase.

Ava's final project.

Pretty sure Owen was taking some licks.

 Elisa's phases of the moon. 

Our science project also doubled as our morning snack {hey! don't judge!}
Audrey enjoying her moons.

Ava enjoying her full moon.

Owie with a mouth full!


Elisa texting pictures of her projects to her friends

We also checked out some cool sites about the Moon in general  or the phases of the Moon.
We watched a youtube about the phases of the moon. {disclaimer: there is a reference to Islam at the beginning of this video but otherwise great info}

I got a lot of ideas and info from this blog: Teach Mama

She links to this site which is from July 2007 but it's specifically about the Moon. We also clicked the current  month/year and learned what we can be watching for in the sky this month!

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  1. How fun! And I was going to call you about coming to visit the other day. Guess what my kids will be doing one day during Spring Break?
    Here's a hint: it involves Double Stuff Oreos :)
    Thanks for sharing!


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