Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Lindsay Files- Middle School years

I've really dropped the ball over the past 3 weeks with blogging. Especially with The Mommys Piggy Tails meme of recording my youth. Since I didn't write my 6th or 7th grade years I thought I would just smush 6th, 7th and 8th grades all together and do 1 big happy {or maybe not so happy??} middle school post. {I'll have to come back and add the embarrassing awkward middle school pics}

Sixth grade started out well. We were in a new school with lots of new faces. Four different elementary schools fed into my school that year. We were the Griffin Middle School Griffins. I was still in LEAP {what they called the gifted and talented program} and that was the first time I remember realizing one of my teachers thought completey differently than I did. {Read: she was a liberal with a completely different worldview} Not only was my LEAP teacher different but so was my History teacher. One of my other sweet innocent friends and I had this teacher for history and he made no secret of the fact that the Bible was nothing more than a good history book. Wow, welcome to middle school Lindsay. 

That year I experienced mean girls at their finest. I still had my close circle of friends but the need to be cool as the lowest girls on the totem pole really took full force that year. I guess being a good girl wasn't the coolest thing anymore. 

My friends Tiffany and Amy both moved off that year, making me one sad girl. I guess my mom decided she had had enough of the public school system and that ended my school career in The Colony.

Seventh grade was my first year of homeschooling. Looking back on it I really appreciate that period of my life. My mom was trying to make enough money to stay at home as a single mom and some of the families of our church stepped in and would help homeschool me during the day. 

That was also the first year that I was old enough to be apart of the youth group at church. I remember getting on the bus for our very first year youth camp and wondering what I had gotten myself into! Fortunately, I made quick friends with kids I only sort of knew before. I don't remember much about that first year at camp other then the van ride there! 
Seventh grade was also the year I was introduced to Christian Rock. No, I'm not talking about Micheal W. Smith or Steven Curtis Chapman. I'm not even talking about Petra or Styper. I'm talking about Five Iron Frenzy and MXPX. {What you've never heard of them??} I have to say those bands changed my life....

Eighth grade brought about more changes in my life. Big changes.  I started off continuing to homeschool but after Christmas break my mom put me in a Christian school. She was getting married and we could actually afford a Christian school. {well, I assume thats why I got to go there! ha!} 

The school I went to was a Fundamental Baptist Church which meant skirts only for this pants wearing girl. I actually kind of enjoyed the skirts only thing until it came to play sports. Yes, my friends, we were required to wear coulottes for sports. We played softball, on-the-field-against-other-teams-softball in coulottes. We had our baseball socks up to our knees and sported cute navy blue skirt shorts. We were quite the sight I tell ya. 

With the end of my middle school years brought the biggest change in my life to date. My mom had gotten remarried and we were moving to Colorado. I was leaving everything I had ever known in my life so far and moving several states away. 
Leaving the only house I could remember living in.
Leaving the town that I had spent my life living in.
Leaving the church that I had grown so much in and had shaped so many of my life values.
We were leaving Texas and moving to Colorado.

Welcome to the summer going into high school. 
The summer I spent knowing no one at all but learning to really love the Colorado landscape.

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